Your Christmas Bonus Has Arrived

IPv4 Brokers ipv4brokers at
Wed Dec 14 03:13:34 UTC 2011

Do you have subnets that are  not in use, or only used for specific
purposes?  If so, please contact us.

We are paying up-front (or escrow) for the use of networks that are not
used.  The networks are used for honeypots and other research.

You do not have to modify your BGP announcements, establish a GRE tunnel to
our network and forward packets over the tunnel.

The networks may be used for a month or longer, you are paid an agreed upon
price per each month of use.

Your confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed.  Only you will know that
you're making money on your un-used or single/special-use networks.

We do require a minimum of /24.

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