Overall Netflix bandwidth usage numbers on a network?

Jason Lixfeld jason at lixfeld.ca
Mon Dec 12 22:00:38 UTC 2011

On 2011-12-12, at 4:22 PM, Simon Lockhart <simon at slimey.org> wrote:

> I guess most (i.e. those
> which aren't Akamai) are more concerned with making money than with delivering
> a good service to the end user.

Really?  I always thought that higher profits and buying transit were mutually exclusive relative to higher profits and openly peering.

So what you are saying is that one stands to make more by paying upstreams for bit swapping?  How's that work?

If the argument is that the opex required for maintaining peering relationships is too expensive relative to the direct and indirect cost of buying bandwidth, I love to be edumacated on how that math actually works because it makes absolutely no sense to me.


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