Sad IPv4 story?

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> > and models that doesn't take "we may not get IPv4 space" into account
> and have
> > a contingency plan for that *deserves* to be soundly mocked and
> ridiculed in
> > public.
> That's right
> However the original post was concerning a fresh new ISP that can't run
> their business the way they would like
> Maybe they'd like to build an mpls core which right now is not possible
> with only ipv6 at hand
> I'd like to see the business model to build an mpls network with all
> the features we're used to -but solely on ipv6 -I guess the plan would
> be let's wait a couple years till it gets implemented and mature enough

Well really this is pretty much our fault. IPv6 has been on peoples 'back burner' for far too long. Additional vendor pressure and pressure at the IETF would have pushed things forward far faster had people actually been interested in doing so.

As per an earlier post, I am shocked at how I still have vendors coming to me with equipment that is nowhere near ready for commercial IPv6 deployment, it either just does not work, is half baked or is "on the roadmap".

So now we will reap the consequences and it will be at the cost of new market entrants (which I am sure will please some people) and perhaps cold hard cash for those who cannot expand their business or have to 'buy' address space.

I know a lot of people have been working hard to move IPv6 along both here, at NANOG and other events and with their vendors. It's because of those people, like Randy perhaps that we actually have what we do now else most people would still be stuck with their heads in the sand.

Well, I am sure it'll all be OK in the end...


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