Sad IPv4 story?

Deepak Jain deepak at
Fri Dec 9 21:38:12 UTC 2011

> If you haven't IPv6 enabled your capable devices yet, get on it.  Most providers
> will give you IPv6 for free now, and will allocate you space from their blocks.
> If you are an ARIN member, you can get your block of IPv6 address by submitting a simple
> form as long as you already have IPv4 space.
> Get on it, make them work this month and have your space already allocated prior to the
> start of 2012.

I can tell you that (as of Dec 2011) *lots and lots* of networks (big 
ones, even some of the biggest) are in no real position to support 
nearly universal customer IPv6 service yet. There are networks that have 
IPv6 "somewhere".. but even where we've been requesting IPv6 turned up 
alongside existing IPv4 sessions sometimes the turnaround is months and 
months with lots of repeated banging -- even where the gear and the 
uplinks support it.

Some of this is that (esp internal) tools still aren't where they need 
to be. Some of this is that once we IPv6 becomes the "standard"... well, 
security and other concerns will challenge all the infrastructure in place.

And this is all before you get into issues of inconsistent views of the 
IPv6 RIB, and the rest.

Just my opinion, hopefully someone else has a better experience.


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