[fyodor at insecure.org: C|Net Download.Com is now bundling Nmap with malware!]

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Thu Dec 8 09:32:06 UTC 2011

Fyodor wrote:
> switched their Nmap downloads back to our real installer.  At least
> for now.  But that isn't enough--they are still infecting the
> installers for thousands of other packages!  

I am sorry about these problems, it is unacceptable.

Sourceforge, at least a year or 2 ago, did something that was only
slightly less unacceptable. They had (or still have?) ads that would
display when you click a donwload link at some site, say

In this example (and clamwin had no part in that) the redirect of the
download link would show an add for another virus scanner (but in fact
it was malware, or, so broken it'd behave like malware). I know of
actual cases where someone accidentally downloaded the software from the
add, and messed up their computer.

So much for pointing them to a free virus scanner...

Earthquake Magnitude: 3.1
Date: Wednesday, December  7, 2011 15:57:44 UTC
Location: northern Alaska
Latitude: 65.9462; Longitude: -148.7381
Depth: 30.90 km

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