[OT] Domain Name broker

Graham Wooden graham at g-rock.net
Wed Dec 7 14:39:08 UTC 2011

Hi there,

Through one of our recent acquisitions, we have a domain name that we  
will be phasing out.  We believe there is some value to it and have  
already identified a fortune 100 company's business unit that is using  
the same name, who is using their country based tld.  Now, they may be  
completely happy with that, who knows - but would like to investigate  
with a broker to help reach out to them or help identify other  
potential buyers. A simple request out to them for a marketing contact  
has gone unaswered.

Anyone have any experience in selling a domain name through a broker  
service that helps identifing potential buyers?

Replies off list are welcomed.  Thanks,


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