Writable SNMP

Wes Hardaker wjhns61 at hardakers.net
Wed Dec 7 05:37:44 UTC 2011

>>>>> On Tue, 6 Dec 2011 12:39:34 -0500, Dorian Kim <dorian at blackrose.org> said:

DK> There is one good reason. Every vendor seem to assign a junior intern to
DK> maintanining SNMP code, so you are interfacing with your router via a very 
DK> suspect interface. 

The marking folks believed that when X dollars had to be spent, most
folks would rather buy a box where .99X was spent on a "new spiffy routing
feature" rather than on a manageable device.  To change that, people
need to start writing RFPs very very differently so that more points
(dollars) are given to boxes that have consistent, standardized
management interfaces rather than to boxes with new feature Z.
Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for that as institutions don't
make money from having manageable networks.  They make money from having
fast and furious networks and that's what drives industry progress.

[note: I'm not saying this is right or wrong; just that it's true.  I
could argue, and have, both sides quite effectively]
Wes Hardaker                                     

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