Internet Edge and Defense in Depth

Mark Tinka mtinka at
Wed Dec 7 03:58:59 UTC 2011

We've been fairly against centralizing functions, even 
though marketing scripts suggest it is worth doing.

Not security-related per se, but for smaller PoP's, we'll 
collapse P/PE functions into a single box. As others have 
mentioned, this makes sense when scale is small.

But on a large scale, we've not been one to buy into multi-
chassis-type arrangements. With boxes getting smaller and 
more powerful due to Ethernet being the implicitly agreed-
upon medium, it's still cheaper (and more resilient) to buy 
smaller boxes and distribute services than take one large 
one and stick them all in there.

I'm hoping the OP can draw a parallel for their own 
situation, if this is useful.


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