[fyodor at insecure.org: C|Net Download.Com is now bundling Nmap with malware!]

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Wed Dec 7 02:10:14 UTC 2011

Carrier IQ does not qualify as a good use of a Trojan and comes about as close to your definition as I can think of.

No, a Trojan is malware. Any software which operates without the knowledge or consent of the user to engage in operations the user would not reasonably expect is not being used for good, no matter how well intentioned.


On Dec 6, 2011, at 3:49 PM, andrew.wallace wrote:

> A trojan can be used for good if in the right hands as a remote access tool for business use.
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>> It could be argued that Nmap is malware, and such software has already been called to be made illegal.
>> If I was Cnet, I would stop distributing his software altogether.
>> Link: http://nmap.org/book/legal-issues.html
> If this is not trolling and you actually believe this, just wow.....
> Nmap is just a tool, and any tool can be misused by people for criminal acts.
> It's really no different than a gun in that regard.  Both are incredibly
> useful things in the right hands, mere tools to further security.  However in
> the wrong hands they can be used to commit crimes and break other peoples
> security.
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