On Working Remotely

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at csc.com
Tue Dec 6 14:22:55 UTC 2011

Beware the office with an Internet connection too:


Don't forget to 'mouseover' the graphic.


William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote on 12/05/2011 11:20:04 PM:

> 3. Beware tracking hours. Try to select work which is goal and
> deadline based. Your supervisor won't see you in your seat; he can
> only judge your performance on what you actually accomplish. When I
> teleworked, I found myself taking breaks to mow the lawn, ride a bike
> on a nice day or tinker with a personal server. Tracking hours under
> such circumstances is almost impossibly hard. Measuring progress
> towards a goal is less so.

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