configured as martians in some routers

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Mon Dec 5 22:36:54 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, Jack Bates <jbates at brightok.net> said:
> On 12/5/2011 1:44 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
> >Once upon a time, Alex Le Heux<alexlh at ripe.net>  said:
> >>Dear Colleagues,
> >>
> >>The correct prefix and pingable address list for the Debogonising Project 
> >>is:
> >>
> >>prefix	        pinagble address
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>Our apologies for the oversight.
> >
> >Are these prefixes being announced widely?  I don't see anything for
> > from my upstreams, nor at many public looking glasses.
> Once I updated junos 10.4R7.5 martian list, I saw them both from level3 
> and qwest, but not from Sprint.

Sorry, I should have said where I looked.  I'm not seeing them from
Sprint or CenturyLink, nor am I seeing them at route-views/looking
glasses from AT&T or TWTC.
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