On Working Remotely

Justin Wilson lists at mtin.net
Mon Dec 5 15:55:00 UTC 2011

I have been working from my home on a regular basis for almost 4 years
now. I visit clients and routinely travel for projects.  However, I work
80% out of my home office.  I have instant messenger for clients who want
to ask a quick question.  Sometimes we just end up chewing the fat, which
is a nice distraction.

I agree with a dedicated workspace as much as possible.  Doesn't have to
be a separate room or whatever.  Just a place set aside where you can keep
work things separate from everything else. Even if you have 2 desks side
by side.  Buddy of mine lives in a small flat and has 2 small desks side
by side.  The second desk is for gaming and other activities.  This way he
can just "walk away" from work and not have to move things out of the way.
 When he returns things are right where they were.

My breaks consist of going downstairs and playing a round of some online
game for 10 minutes or so.  I find myself much more productive as well.
No more hour long commute one way. I can use that hour much more
productive or simply sleep in because I was up late working on a router.


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