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David Radcliffe david at davidradcliffe.org
Mon Dec 5 15:09:08 UTC 2011

Same here.  I like isolation just fine and work much more productively and 
usually for a longer time at home.  I don't have kids and my wife has learned 
when she is home if I say I will be working, don't bother me.

It actually works quite well.  I like socializing but not when my mind is on 
work.  I can code very effectively for hours without breaking because I get in 
the zone easily at home.

I do have to say to anyone planning to work from home, make sure you have a 
proper work space.  I have a computer room.  It contains a dozen systems, 
electronics gear and parts (I used to have time for that hobby), and 
comfortable and ergonomic work spaces.  There is no TV.  No reason for one 
because this is the work room.  The mind set should be "I am now in the work 
room, so I am at work."  Really works for me.

On Sunday, December 04, 2011 01:46:51 PM Keegan Holley wrote:
> Maybe I have a different personality, but I find it much easier to work
> from home (provided home is empty).  I think "networking" from home, which
> I do periodically during the week is different from coding from home which
> I do on the weekends.  It does take some getting used to.  I find I'm much
> more productive from home. (again as long as home is empty)  I spend less
> time talking about sports (professional, college and little league) TV, the
> opposite sex, hunting... etc. etc.  I also tend to make healthier choices
> since the coffee and cigarettes aren't free and no one invites me to order
> pizza for lunch when I'm at home.  To each his own though.
> 2011/12/4 Jay Ashworth <jra at baylink.com>
> > Some more thoughts on telecommuting, from the guy who built Stack
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> > http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2010/05/on-working-remotely.html
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