IP addresses are now assets

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Fri Dec 2 21:12:53 UTC 2011

>> On Fri, Dec 02, 2011 at 12:37:29PM -0700, joshua sahala wrote:

>>>    Any property or right that is owned by a person or entity and has
>>>    monetary value. See also liability.
>>>    All of the property of a person or entity or its total value;
>>>    entries on a balance sheet listing such property.
>>>    intangible asset
>>>       An asset that is not a physical thing and only evidenced by a
>>>       written document.

> On 2 December 2011 20:01, Henry Yen <henry at aegisinfosys.com> wrote:
>> Note that "Asset" !== "Property".

reread the definition:  an asset is property.  an intangible asset is
merely one type of asset.

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 1:14 PM, Mike Jones <mike at mikejones.in> wrote:
> What about land? it's a public resource that you've paid money to
> someone in exchange for transferring their rights over that public
> resource to you.

land is a tangible asset, and has largely been privatised when it
comes to ownership.  you can lease public lands, but when your lease
ends, it is returned to the "owner" (the government), and any
"improvements" (if allowed at all) are torn down or given over.
sometimes you can sublet your lease, but this doesn't make it a new
contract or change the original terms.

> That said, I think in the case of land shortages there is an argument
> that land no longer being used by someone should be freed up for use
> by new people.

this starts drifting into a philosophical debate on privatisation and
the use, control, and management of 'the commons' (land, water, air,
etc.) and something which is largely (further) offtopic for this list.

but, i digress...and the various dead horses here have all been beaten
beyond recognition

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