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Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Fri Dec 2 20:36:38 UTC 2011

> Am 12/2/11 1:16 PM, schrieb Joe Greco:
> >> Thorsten Dahm:
> >> The downside of this is that you are not around in the office in case
> >> someone wants to talk to you. I often end up with guys from our
> >> operations team or other teams stopping at my desk and ask questions. Or
> >> guys who want to have a quick chat about a problem and want to ask for
> >> an advice or idea. Or people who want to learn Perl and have a question
> >> that you can answer in 30 seconds.
> >
> > Which really stops being practical once you exceed (approx) one building
> > in size.
> I think it often depends on how you define practical. Normally, you sit 
> with your own team, that means it is a practical solution for the 
> network engineers, but perhaps not for the server admins and the network 
> engineers anymore, since the server admins may sit in a different 
> building, different city, different continent, ....

While any absolute rule would be silly, of course, I would have thought my
point was sufficiently clear.  There comes a point at which all the people
you may want to talk to are no longer sitting in the same building.  That
doesn't mean all buildings will successfully allow F2F meetings (Pentagon)
or that having groups within the same building will encourage F2F meetings.
It's a simple fact that once you *must* deal with someone in another building,
the amount of time and effort involved gets much higher and more inconvenient.
If you manage to find a way to keep your group small and all in the same
building, then what I said doesn't apply, but that can itself become
impractical as a company grows.

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