bgp update destroying transit on redback routers ?

Igor Ybema igor at
Thu Dec 1 19:06:29 UTC 2011

> So Hostlogistic route to Level3 is malformed (according to the RFC, the AGGREGATOR content is mandatory if the attribute is present), but their route to NLayer is OK. Or maybe a Level3 router has a problem?
> Anyway, our Redback/Ericsson routers are the problem now, since the other vendors don't throw away the BGP sessions...
> I've opened a case at Ericsson, still waiting for an answer :-/

Correct. This was pointed out to me just now off-list by another reader.
Ericsson coder also contacted me and noted that is fixed a few months
ago, but he is not sure which release has the fix. I hope he will
respond on-list about this for everyone to read.

regards, Igor

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