New Natural Disaster! 8/27/2011 Hurricane Irene

Christoph Blecker admin at
Sun Aug 28 16:16:23 UTC 2011

On 11-08-28 09:01 AM, andrew.wallace wrote:
> It looks like the DHS, FEMA got this emergency wrong... by the time it got to NYC it was the equivalent of a normal day in Scotland.I live in Scotland...
> Andrew

Except that the reality of the situation is, if the DHS, FEMA, etc
downplayed the severity of this then there would have been an outcry
that they didn't do enough *in addition* to the fact that there would
have been a lot more than just 11 (at last count) deaths as a result.

You have to prepare for the worst.. just like you don't build out a DC
without backup generators just because you don't see the lights in your
house go out that often.

However, on a more technical note, it's good to see the notices trickle
in from the different DCs that everything is all clear and that no power
actually had to be preemptively cut by ConEd in the Lower Manhattan
Financial District.


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