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It's also probably helpful to use SNMP to verify that the data you're getting from netflow is at least somewhat accurate and that the routing changes are actually effective in getting the desired results.


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> Hello Group,
> I was wondering if anyone could share their experience with any route optimization approaches, methodologies or platforms, either open source or commercial (Internap FCP), that can actively adjust BGP parameters based on latency and number of layer 3 hops to a network rather than AS hops.  We have upstreams all over the country and we would like to automate optimization to take the best egress path.

We were using Internap, but ended up writing our own so that we could look 
at larger number of speakers. The technology is not that complicated, you 
basically take netflow data and send it to a host that has tunnels over 
each one of your BGP peers that you care about. It then uses a combination 
of traceroute and ping to collect its data that is then injected back to 
the router over BGP.

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