LISP/ILNP/RFC6296 - what do you want?

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Aug 20 20:57:36 UTC 2011

i am told that the following session has been accepted for the nanog

    A Comparison of Approaches to Loc/ID, Routing Scaling, and the


    This session looks at and contrasts:
      LISP (Dino Farinacci)
      ILNP (Saleem Bhatti)
      RFC 6296 (Fred Baker)

    Where each is explained at an architectural level in some detail
    with a predetermined list of questions such as "how does this
    address loc/id separation, routing table scaling, incremental
    deployment, state of implementation/testing, ..."

    And then a half hour where we all sum up the similarities and
    differences. Maybe it will be worth writing up.

    The goal is education and understanding, not a contest. These are
    all good and interesting approaches. Weapons are not allowed, we all
    work for the Internet.

as you can see, i am interested in
  o loc/id separation
  o rounting table scaling
  o deployability on the internet
  o current state of development

what did i miss?  what major attributes interest you?


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