What do you do when your Home ISP is down?

Paul Graydon paul at paulgraydon.co.uk
Fri Aug 19 18:46:09 UTC 2011

On 8/19/2011 7:56 AM, Jason LeBlanc wrote:
> This is why I love my mom and pop DSL provider, I can call and get 
> someone who speaks packets and listens and understands.  I may not 
> have the speed some cable providers offer (if you actually get it..) 
> but it is reliable and I can get resolution quickly.  Short of that, 
> tether the laptop to my phone can get my by in a pinch.
> Jason
It's one of the things I appreciate about the ISP I use at work being 
local.  Their first line are rarely that technical, do a great job of 
quickly and painlessly filtering out users with basic problems, and 
quickly escalate.  If needs be I have a direct phone number for the CEO 
and founder of the company, someone who is CCIE qualified.

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