Cisco Ironport and to get delisted?

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Wed Aug 17 17:57:48 UTC 2011

We had two users fall for a phishing email recently, and of course the result was
that he gave his user/pass to a spammer.  We caught one of them in time, but the
other got out many thousands of spam the other night before being discovered.

I am in the process of cleaning this up.  Spamcop and others were good about
delisting us promptly.  Others will within the next day.

However, "Senderbase", apparently used in Cisco's Ironport, will let you look up
your IP and tell you that your reputation is "poor", but offers no way to get
delisted.  It refers you to Spamcop, which I imagine they rely on for listings,
but not delistings.

For now, I'm re--routing per domain to a second server, but I'd appreciate any
tips if there are any.  Seems a lot of .edu's use senderbase.

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