NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet?

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I'm with this too, my house is much less complicated than it used to be.  I have dual WAN (Comcast Business Class and cheap DLS as a failover), fed into my Cisco 3750 "core" switch.  I have a Sonicwall NSA2400 as my primary Gateway from LAN, with a Secondary Gateway of my Cisco UC520 (mostly for testing the 64 bit VPN client when it came out, and I haven't changed anything back).  I have a third firewall for working on projects from home which is just a virtual IPCop Machine which I use to segregate devices with conflicting subnets during projects for work.

I have VMware ESX running on a few servers I just pulled back from a colo (Asus 1u half depth single E5510 Xeons with 32gb of ram each) running iscsi off my open filer iscsi storage device with 16x 2tb drives and my old openfiler with 8x 1.5tb and 8x 1tb.  Layer 3 routing done at my 3750, with a cisco 1142 AP serving voice, data and guest wireless.  

Internal IPv4 3x /25, 2x /26, 2x /27 and 2x /28 non routed for the iscsi.  Externally only a /28 and a /29.  Internal IPv6 5x /64 because I haven't had any time to set up IPv6 for my Guest wireless, voice or iSCSI.  External IPv6 awaiting Comcast to get my IPv6 trial going, and Centurytel to offer IPv6 in my area.  Voice service provided by Broadvoice (SIP) feeding into the UC520 for the alarm system.  

Of course the obligatory video games (xbox 360, wii and my girlfriends PS3 when she brings it over) all live in the guest VLAN, which sadly get used more for Netflix anymore than actual video games...  Media center on the TV is a home brew mini ITX pc with a mid range core2duo in it.  

For power, I love the APC stuff.  I have a Rack Mount 3000va and 2 shoebox 1500va boxes as backup.  All fed back to the panel an 2 separate circuits.

At one point I did have 4 full racks in the guest room and a partial DS3 (about 10 years back), with a dedicated AC unit and about 30KVA of UPS.  Too much, too expensive.  Colo somewhere close and cheaper circuits is the way I went and I've cut my power bill from over a grand a month to under $100 in the winter.  Lets not talk summer.... I need new windows :)

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On Fri, 12 Aug 2011 18:28:57 CDT, Charles N Wyble said:
> I'm curious what other NANOGers have in their home compute centers? On 
> the extreme end of course we have mr morris :) with his uber lab: 

He doesn't get out much, does he? :)

> So what's in NANOGers home networks/compute centers? :)

Surprisingly minimalistic - a Linksys cablemodem and a Belkin Play wireless router, both from Best Buy, a Dell Latitude laptop from work, and a PS/3.  I'll upgrade if and when Comcast deploys IPv6 or other stuff worth upgrading in my area. ;)

(I used to have more gear, but it came down to floor space for compute gear I didn't use versus guitar gear I *do* use.. ;)

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