personal backup

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Sun Aug 14 14:33:05 UTC 2011

> > My home backups are somewhat large and not yet offsite due to their size.
> > (~4.7TB).
> >

We (NAC) run a rather large ZFS thing to sell cheap 'scratch space.' When I say large, I think it surpasses well over 100 TB at this point. 

So for me, it was easy. At home, my stuff spins on disk (nice big green drives, so relatively low power too) on a Win2008 Server box. So, I bought a very cool product, "Super Flexible File Synchronizer" which is unbelievably cool for what it costs. It can copy from anything, to anything, and has a gazillion options. I have what is called "synthetic backups" enabled, which is a real time (it watches at the OS to disk level), as when it sees a file change, it gets copied over the other side in a few moments. It does zip-before-copy (with encryption), it does revisioning, it does delayed deletes, etc..

Perfect for home. 

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