Verizon Business - LTE?

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Sat Aug 13 23:54:17 UTC 2011

I have been very happy with the preference of the VZW network.  Both 3G and
4G.  The issue we have is that they have a 5GB cap.  We have tested both the
3G and 4G HWIC for cisco and have been very happy with the hardware.






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I'm in princeton, nj and I recently moved into a new place and had no
internet for about a week and had my router in client mode grabbing hotspot
from my phone and it worked surprisingly well. Of course latency can be a
bit jumpy but my speeds overall were better than the neighbors comcast :) I
also pulled down about 150gb over that week and each day I was waiting for
verizon to pull the plug but it never happened. Speeds were consistently
around 20/10.


I looked around but couldnt find any reasonably cheap 4G interface cards for
any of the major router vendors otherwise I might have actually considered
it as my home needs are pretty basic.



On Sat, Aug 13, 2011 at 1:54 PM, Ryan Finnesey <rfinnesey at> wrote:

I was hoping to use LTE for a large number of sites we are about to roll out
instead of DS1s.  But looks like we will go down the TDM route.



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On Aug 12, 2011 8:40 PM, "Ryan Finnesey" <rfinnesey at> wrote:
> Well they are two completely separate companies .  I would think that the
> LTE network would be a good replacement for DS1 type services.

My guess is no.

Yes, I bet vzw buys from vzb, but not the other way round. Whatever you call
the vz LEC does not want to give 40 some cents on the dollar to Vodafone ...
the other part of the vzw ownership.

Not to mention that LTE is an IP service and ds1 is tdm...


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> > Does anyone know if Verizon Business is using the Verizon Wireless LTE
> > network to deliver service?
> Who else would they use? I would presume they are eating their own dog
> If not, that's very sad. :)


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