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Joe Greco jgreco at
Sat Aug 13 14:13:39 UTC 2011

> On Sat, 2011-08-13 at 14:12 +0900, Randy Bush wrote: 
> > charles skipped what i see as a highly critical question, personal
> > backup.
> Very good point.
> For my laptops, nearline field storage includes my laptop's drive and a
> portable external drive. Online and nearline home storage is a network
> attached storage array running proprietary X-RAID (like RAID-5) with a
> hot-spare drive. All my machines (desktops, servers and laptops) are set
> to perform regular backups to the NAS. Offline backups are done to a
> series of external USB HDs that are rotated into place for nightly
> incremental and weekly full backups. Current retention schema is 4 weeks
> of backups with a one week offsite physical rotation (performed monthly
> to a safety deposit box).  I'm at the moment trying to figure out a good
> way for doing streaming backups to an offsite DC.

We used to use DVD's for off-site backup, but that's not been the best
of solutions.  I've been experimenting with external hard drives but
I am less comfortable with them; I've seen too many drives fail.  The
idea of letting them sit for awhile and praying they spin up later
bothers me.  :-)  On the other hand, running Unison to a server someplace
else has obvious benefits and some downsides too.  Backups remain a
tricky problem to get right.

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