NANOG Digest, Vol 43, Issue 53

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Sat Aug 13 01:53:54 UTC 2011

> Damn, and people claim I'm nuts!

I know I am, thanks.

> You know, you could go whole hog and multihome.

Trust me, if I could, I would certainly do dark to my house. 

> I've got 1 cabinet and 1 two-post rack in the basement.  I'm also
> building out a small patch panel in a closet on the second floor.
> That way, I don't have to do so many home-runs from the wall ports in
> the living spaces back down to the basement.

Been there, done that, in the current home. Two MDF's, upstairs. I hate it. For the cost (not much) going to home run everything. Ethernet, coax, speakers, etc.

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