Experience with Juniper MX-80s

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Fri Aug 12 01:01:00 UTC 2011

I'm probably way off here, but: Imagine an MX with a single RE, 1
MX-MPC2-3D-Q that can be populated with your choice of MICs in FPC-1
and 1 MIC-3D-4XGE-XFP in FPC-0. But, they run a little hot.


On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Brian Keefer <chort at smtps.net> wrote:
> On Aug 11, 2011, at 6:43 AM, Babak Pasdar wrote:
>> Hello NANOG Group,
>> I am curious if anyone has any experiences positive or negative with Juniper MX-80s.  Our recent experience with Juniper has not been great both in terms of new product offerings (SRX) and software bugs in the recent revs of Junos for the MX platform.  I want to know if the MX-80 functions as advertised and in specific can properly handle two full IPv4 and IPv6 BGP feeds
> I'm curious about these too.  Specifically, does anyone have experience/thoughts on the anti-DDoS features?  I know there are scenarios it wouldn't begin to address, but are they worth spending time to fiddle with?  Also, is anyone taking JFlow off of them?  We're trying to figure out how much we could sample while doing about 900Mbps.  I'm not sure what our PPS looks like off the top of my head.
> TIA.
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