ISP support for use of 4-byte ASNs in peering

Kevin Loch kloch at
Wed Aug 10 03:42:18 UTC 2011

John Curran wrote:
> Folks - 
>   Is there a public list somewhere of service providers that do not support 4-byte 
>   autonomous system numbers when peering?  (if not, should there be one?)
>   At ARIN, we are still having parties returning 4-byte ASN's (seeking 2-byte instead),
>   indicating that the 4-byte ones are not sufficiently accepted in peering to be usable.  
>   This is obviously a less than desirable situation, and it appears that it is not trending 
>   towards resolution at this time.

Perhaps you meant to send this to c-nsp and re-worded it slightly?

- Kevin

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