v4/v6 dns thoughts?

Joe Pruett joey at q7.com
Tue Aug 9 18:47:37 UTC 2011

as i'm rolling v6 into my world, i'm not sure which way to go with
reverse dns conventions.  for forward i'm doing things like:

foo.example.com    a
foo.example.com    aaaa    1000::
foo.v4.example.com    a
foo.v6.example.com    aaaa    1000::

so i can use a foo.v4/v6 hostname if i need to specify transit behavior.

but for reverse i'm not sure if i want to map it like:    ptr    foo.example.com.   
ptr    foo.example.com

or:    ptr    foo.v4.example.com.   
ptr    foo.v6.example.com

being able to just use foo.example.com for authentication purposes
(sendmail, nfs, etc) is nice.  but also knowing when incoming is v4 or
v6 by just looking at the dns lookup (for tools that do reverse lookup
for you) is also nice.

what are you doing?  which way makes more sense to you?

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