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Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Fri Aug 5 17:59:41 UTC 2011

On Aug 5, 2011, at 10:47 AM, Jay Ashworth wrote:

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>> From: "Owen DeLong" <owen at delong.com>
>>> It differs from a bridge in that *it requires a chunk of routable IP space
>>> to put behind it*, and a route to go there. For the specific situation
>>> I posited, a consumer connection, you can get a static IP, but you *will
>>> not* get routable space; you have to go to a business connection for
>>> that, at 2-4 times the cost.
>> That really depends on the ISP, doesn't it?
> Sure.  If you'd prefer, substitute "large, consumer ISP -- on the order of
> Verizon DSL or Road Runner".  Both of those have told me that in the past,
> and, these days, I don't think they're unrepresentative of the common case.
Sure, but, there's more than one way to solve the problem.


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