Community troubleshooting étiquette/BCP (was: L3 Issues)

Jason Lixfeld jason at
Mon Aug 1 18:03:24 UTC 2011

On 2011-08-01, at 1:48 PM, Jon Lewis wrote:

> Things seem to be moving again.

I happen to have an L3 link out of NYC, but unfortunately I don't have a list of on-net L3 prefixes in any of the reportedly affected regions, so I'm unable to provide any data from my vantage point up here.  I'm sure others are in my position as well.

Is there any sort of etiquette/BCP for reporting issues like this to the community?  Something that might specify a method of providing information a little more specific than just specifying the affected region(s)?  Maybe a list of a few affected hosts/prefixes/URLS/etc?

(incidentally, also resolves to our local Akamai cluster)

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