Aqua Conduit for 10G multi-mode?

Kevin Loch kloch at
Tue Aug 30 13:59:02 CDT 2011

Michael J McCafferty wrote:
> All,
> 	Orange innerduct/split-loom tubing for multi-mode, yellow for
> single-mode... Where's the aqua for the aqua OM3 fiber?
> 	I feel like the Ethernet fashion police, but it's a horrible color
> clash for aqua fiber dressed in yellow or orange.
> 	Where is my aqua innerduct and/or tubing? Does anyone make it?

I'm guessing that there isn't much of a market for that since 10Gbase-LR
is rated from 2m-10km and most people don't use conduit for runs less
than 2 meters :)

- Kevin

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