So Cal Verizon FIOS Issues?

James Laszko jamesl at
Mon Aug 29 17:46:27 CDT 2011

I was curious if anyone else is seeing huge problems from Verizon FIOS connected sites in Southern California reaching large segments of the Internet?  It appears that Verizon has lost something large in Los Angeles and it's affecting hundreds of our customers.  Lack of connectivity to various places around the Internet...  It's really odd because sites that are located in adjacent cities can get further than their neighbors, but fail in the end (some go to LAX and die, others get routed to DFW and die).   Large swaths of CDN's are not able to be connected to from any of the sites.

Curious what others are seeing.


James Laszko
Mythos Technology Inc
jamesl at<mailto:jamesl at>

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