Prefix hijacking by Michael Lindsay via Internap

Tammy A. Wisdom tammy-lists at
Sun Aug 21 00:29:59 CDT 2011

I completely agree... the real issue here is the system is flawed and RIPE/ARIN/APNIC etc have zero actual authority over actual routing.  Yet another reason they aren't worth the money we flush down the toilet for them to do absolutely nothing.

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> > 	If you are claiming right over these prefixes I suggest you to
> > 	contact RIPE NCC.
> And that will do what exactly?
> Back when I worked at an RIR, a prefix was "misplaced".  When I
> contacted the (country monopoly PTT) ISP and told them the prefix
> had been removed from APNIC's database and should not be routed.
>  Their response was "We have a contract with the customer for
> connectivity.  We do not have a contract with you." and I was
> encouraged to get the customer to voluntarily withdraw the prefix.
> If BGPSEC+RPKI were deployed, there might be something active the
> RIRs could do.  However, this has its own implications regarding
> centralized control of the routing system (as discussed, ironically
> enough, in the RIPE region).  And this is going to get much more
> 'interesting' as the IPv4 free pool exhausts and the market moves
> from black to grey or white.  Fun times ahead.
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