Prefix hijacking by Michael Lindsay via Internap

David Conrad drc at
Sun Aug 21 00:25:51 CDT 2011

On Aug 20, 2011, at 6:01 PM, Arturo Servin wrote:
> 	If you are claiming right over these prefixes I suggest you to contact RIPE NCC.

And that will do what exactly?

Back when I worked at an RIR, a prefix was "misplaced".  When I contacted the (country monopoly PTT) ISP and told them the prefix had been removed from APNIC's database and should not be routed.  Their response was "We have a contract with the customer for connectivity.  We do not have a contract with you." and I was encouraged to get the customer to voluntarily withdraw the prefix.

If BGPSEC+RPKI were deployed, there might be something active the RIRs could do.  However, this has its own implications regarding centralized control of the routing system (as discussed, ironically enough, in the RIPE region).  And this is going to get much more 'interesting' as the IPv4 free pool exhausts and the market moves from black to grey or white.  Fun times ahead.


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