What do you do when your Home ISP is down?

Landon Stewart lstewart at superb.net
Thu Aug 18 13:47:24 CDT 2011

On 18 August 2011 10:21, Mark Keymer <mark at viviotech.net> wrote:

> I myself have a cable provider at home that I use. And I find it quite
> frustrating to call and report issues in there network, because the
> people in the call center have you do the same things every time and are
> not very technical.

I live in a fairly rural town of about 5000.  I have pretty good cable
Internet but I also subscribe to my telco provider's ADSL as a 'backup'
connection if my cable Internet goes down.  It's an expensive solution but
unfortunately necessary since I work full time from my home office.  I am
also frustrated by the 20 minute telephone call by local ISP support while
they go through their flow chart of possible issues before they can dispatch
someone to fix the problem but I understand the need for diligence before
bothering a higher tier of support or the engineering people.

Now if only I could find a provider who offered some real connectivity in
this area.  My local telco wants big bucks for a monitored DSL circuit and
the DSL in this area sucks really bad because I'm pretty far from the C/O;
hence why I use my cable Internet the most and DSL is just a backup.  My
cable Internet provider offers no such business services in this area to 'a
residential address'.  Pff.

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