Exploiting a non-facilities CLEC relationship

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Aug 15 22:14:00 CDT 2011

On Mon, 15 Aug 2011, Graham Wooden wrote:

> To clarify ... We have a new customer who is just that ... A non-facilities
> based CLEC. They don't want to resell AT&T's network anymore as they want to
> start building their own network, little bit at a time.
> I was thinking .. Well, shoot .. If all they want to do is sell Internet T1s
> (for example), then have them pulled back to a collo somewhere over a
> channelized DS3 on the backend and an equivalent speed internet connection
> the front - and they will be on their way ...
> So the question remains ... will they still be able to capture the savings
> of getting such loops because they are a CLEC, if indeed they are not
> 'facilities based' and just handling the loops as if they were the customer?
> I believe they have no intentions on becoming a facilities based CLEC.

If I understand your question, yes.  We did this some time ago.  Colo in 
various ILEC and CLEC central offices, order T1 loops (but it's only half 
a loop...from customer to CO), so you're saving there, and because you're 
ordering it as a CLEC, most people would be shocked how cheap a T1 can be. 
Connect the various colos together with a network of T1's and T3's 
(especially if you can establish a relationship with a carrier who's 
on-net in all or most of the COs you want to be in), and you're set.

Someone looking to start this model now, I'd say is about 10 years late, 5 
years too late.

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