How long is your rack?

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at
Mon Aug 15 17:00:51 CDT 2011

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 11:37:37AM -0400, Randy Bush wrote:
> >> more likely a 'shortened' url.  how anyone can click those is beyond
> >> me.
> > I'm curious what your objection is.
> i have no assurance that a shortened url does not lead to a malicious
> site.  also your privacy issue, but that is secondary.

Given the rate of publicised defacements of all manner of sites (and that
injecting malware into a page is the exact same thing as a clear defacement,
from an execution point of view), a long URL gives you no greater assurance
of protection from malice.

- Matt
(Fellow hater of URL-shortening services)

"I'm sorry they changed it back.  The freedom-fries thing was a proclamation
to the world that we are indeed ruled by fools and madmen, but it had the
virtue of not requiring mass numbers of people to be killed in order to make
the point."	-- Brad Ferguson

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