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Chaim Rieger chaim.rieger at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 00:55:35 CDT 2011

On 8/12/2011 8:40 PM, Charles N Wyble wrote:
> Details? What kind of power/cooling? What kind/amount of gear?
First the layout,
house is 2500 sq ft, with an a frame attic, on a raised foundation, no 
basement (earthquake zone)
server room was created between the pantry and the dining room, one wall 
backs up to the wall ovens, one to a hallway, one to the pantry, and 
theres the hidden door (flush) to the dining room.
the rack is mounted on a wooden platform that is designed to break away 
and drop 2' to the ground below if there is an earthquake, dont want the 
rack to come tumbling out and land one the little one.
cooling is provided via running some pvc underground for about 100' (7 x 
1" pvc) and the ground cools it about 20 degrees below ambient. if it 
get above 90 outside the ac kicks in. (yep Itry to minimize my electric 
bill, hence all my bulbs are LED). I ran all the cables myself, drilled 
all the holes, and layed all the pipe
the server room is about 40' from my office, and there are three 
additional bedrooms (names are, porn room, jungle room, and bedroom) as 
well as kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, and back patio.
ever room in the house has the following drops
2 cat6, 2 coax, 1 cat6 poe
there are various wireless cameras around the perimeter
ever room has two recessed speakers in the ceiling as well
in the server room Ihave the following
Brocade turboiron 24x switch for office use only
brocade fastiron network switch for the house
(coming shortly is a brocade vdx) and no I do not work for brocade just 
happened to like their stuff
4 apc pdus,
2 dell t5500's
nas device (homebuilt) with 10TB of storage
coax injector,
signal collector (antenna is on the roof)
dummy coax switch
juniper firewall appliance
one wap (forgot the make, but it aint netgear (there is another wap in 
the garage and one out back on the patio)
( I might have a piece of cisco hardware laying around as a door stop 
someplace, will have to check) just kidding, nothing against cisco, used 
to run their waps

here is what I accomplished with all this
I can run a virtual computer from any room in the house using kvm with 
splice without the need for a real computer in each room
I can watch any of my wireless security cameras on any tv or computer
I can watch any movie that resides on the nas on any tv that has the 
dlna (Ithink thats it) protocol built in
I can watch any move on any computer screen in the house and even 
transfer the playing movie without interruption to different screen
I inject otatv into my coax starting at channel 10, and the cameras are 
injected at channels 1,2,4,5
I can control movies/music and volume from and dnla speaker or web 
enabled device
in the office Ihave a homebuilt pc (one of them little shuttle ones) 
(hence the need for fiber) and some kick ass speakers (cant work without 
listening to the blues)

my goals for 1012 are
be able to send the output of the music/movie to any speaker in the 
house, has to be able to be controlled via an andriod device (which 
means web based) currently its a manual process
be able to watch anything that goes over the coax on any computer screen
get a backup generator in place
finish replacing all the outlets and switches with smart devices 
(already started)
hook up the sprinkler system to some sort of logically calculated device

PS. I have yet to watch a movie, or tv for more than 10 minutes,  Inever 
had a TV until me and the other half moved in together, (she likes it 
too much, for me its books)
PPS. if there is a coax guru here and you know how to do coax switching 
(not a splitter) please ping me offlist

hope this helps

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