NANOG Digest, Vol 43, Issue 53

Charles N Wyble charles at
Fri Aug 12 23:16:27 CDT 2011

On 08/12/2011 08:53 PM, Alex Rubenstein wrote:
>> .
> Trust me, if I could, I would certainly do dark to my house. 

The last house I was in, was 500 feet from AT&T fiber and easy walking
distance to the CO. My sister in law lives there now. I'm considering
putting a rack or two in the garage for disaster recovery purposes.

> Been there, done that, in the current home. Two MDF's, upstairs. I hate it. For the cost (not much) going to home run everything. Ethernet, coax, speakers, etc.

Nice. Please write this up. I want to do the same. Hoping I can rack
mount everything and have an epic setup. Every room would have ethernet
drop, coax, speaker. What about video? Hmmm. What about fiber drop in
every room as well? 

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