NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet?

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> > I'm curious what other NANOGers have in their home compute centers? On
> > the extreme end of course we have mr morris :)
> > with his uber lab:
> I have installed a 2 post rack in a previous house, and wired several
> houses now with Cat 5E to every room.  That said, I gave up on large
> amounts of equipment at home a long time ago.  Be it the power bill,
> AC needs, or just plain noise from data center equipment they are
> all good reasons to not have gear at home.
> A quality home router is important, I've rolled my own with FreeBSD
> running on a PC-Engines box, 5W, no fan, sitting on a 1000VA UPS,
> it lasts for like 3+ hours when the power fails.  I've also had
> luck with some Netgear boxes.  Simiarly a good WiFi box, these days
> MIMO on both 2.4 and 5Ghz.  Airport Exterme or Netgear again are
> good choices.  Don't want to roll your own?  Consider OpenWRT, or
> CeroWRT on the right hardware.
> Beyond that, a nice home file server, rsynced to something in a
> real data center each night.  This a combo of backup plus high speed
> access no matter which side of the home connection you are on.  I
> currently use a PC I built myself, which is good, but I would like
> something that uses less power.  I'm looking hard at a Mac Mini
> "server", with an external RAID (perhaps 2x3TB drives, RAID 1) as
> I think it will draw even less power, but I'm not sure yet.
> You might notice a trend with me, low power, which means low heat
> output and long runtime on UPS, fanless so no noise, small footprint.
> Gotta have GigE to every room wired for desktops, printers, cameras,
> TV's, playstations, etc.  Netgear 5 port switches are awesome,
> lifetime warranty, small, cheap.
> The holy grail I'm searching for now?  A GigE switch with POE,
> unmanaged is ok, and probably preferred from a price perspective;
> but with NO FAN.

I have a spare Poe dummy switch you are welcome to.
Oh and it doesn't have a fan,

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