NANOGers home data centers - What's in your closet?

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at
Fri Aug 12 20:20:24 CDT 2011

Mine is mostly server stuff, as that is my primary function. Router testing is usually done at the office

In the utility room in the basement:

4-post rack with the following:

Tripp Lite 5000VA UPS with extra battery (everything runs on 240V)
NetApp FAS980 with a single shelf of 500GB SATA drives (used as off-site backup for work, and minor hosting of my own)
A few home-made servers (AMD 6-core box for virtualization and mail/web hosting, core i3 box for backups and such)
Dell 24-port switch
Juniper SRX 220 (Main firewall/gateway) connected to TWC Cable modem, and a metro ethernet back to the office.

Various ancient routers, switches, servers, etc. that were at one time used for testing. Virtualization has pretty much obsoleted most of it.

In my home office I have:

2 3000VA Tripp Lite UPSes for all computers.
Mac Pro
2x MacBook Pros
Core i7 Hackintosh

Around the house we have other various clients, media center, etc.

I recently did an audit of everything and I have a total of 108 GHz of CPU cores, 59 GB of RAM, and 57 TB of hard drives across everything.

Overall pretty modest compared to some people, but I also don't want to have to have special electric service or the bill that goes with that!


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