Corporation for Sale with IPv4 Assets

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Mon Aug 8 13:29:02 CDT 2011

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  As you may be aware, ARIN is the Regional Internet Registry 
  (RIR) responsible for Internet number resource management 
  for Canada, United States, and parts of the Caribbean.  In
  keeping with the policies developed by the community in this
  region, there are two possible ways to transfer IPv4 number
  resources to another party (via merger & acquisition transfer
  or via specified transfer), and these are detailed in section
  8 of the Number Resource Policy Manual on the ARIN website at

  It is important to note that transfer of number resources via 
  either method must be to another party that can demonstrate 
  corresponding need. ARIN's registration services department
  can assist with this determination in advance or at the time 
  of transfer.  ARIN reiterates the importance of veracity in 
  transfer requests and supporting documentation as fraudulent 
  information can result in resource revocation.

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On Aug 6, 2011, at 6:31 PM, IPv4 Brokers wrote:
> From: IPv4 Brokers <ipv4brokers at>
> Subject: Corporation for Sale with IPv4 Assets
> Date: August 6, 2011 6:31:04 PM EDT
> To: nanog at
> North American Corporation (domiciled in Nevada) is for sale.
> All non-IPv4 assets and debts (and other liabilities) have been transferred
> to another related corporation.
> IPv4 Assets include:
> 1 - ASN; and
> 3 - /20 networks (12,288 IP Addresses) direct allocations (non-legacy).
> Multiple options available for sale/purchase.  Motivated sellers.
> Please e-mail: ipv4brokers at or call/text: (404) 532-9535.
> Available on Saturday and Sunday for discussion.

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