How do you put a TV station on the Mbone?

Jay Ashworth jra at
Fri Apr 29 21:49:11 UTC 2011

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> From: "Simon Lockhart" <simon at>
> > I have in my hand an NTSC video cable and an XLR with audio. How do
> > I hook that to the mbone? :-)
> Simple.
> Go get yourself an encoder - VBrick, Envivio, Tandberg, etc, etc - there's
> plenty out there, take your pick. That'll take video + audio as an input, and
> output the encoded video (typically MPEG-2 or H.264 in an MPEG-2 transport
> stream) as multicast.
> Hook that into your favourite ISP that supports global multicast
> (several of the tier-1's do), and you're all done.

Really.  It's that trivial?  Ok.  Cool.  Anyone know if Road Runner's one of 
those?  And how do viewers watch it?

-- jra

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