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Wed Apr 27 22:57:38 UTC 2011

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> From: "Tom Pipes" <tom.pipes at>

> I ended up calling 611 on my Verizon phone and they were extremely nice and
> tried to help, but were unable to take it any further due the the fact that
> the call appears to route properly. The problem is that the call does
> route, but to the wrong switch in the wrong LATA and then routes over
> failover ISUP trunks. The rep tried to escalate it and reported back that
> there was nothing they could do because the call routes successfully. She
> agreed that it was going to be very difficult for me to get that to pass
> through the layers of support.
> It's very sad that this has to be so complicated.

Oh.  You're "fixing it".  You're gonna have to break it, Tom, to get them
to fix it.  Sorry.  "Be liberal in what you accept" is fine for operations,
but not for debugging.  If necessary, set up test numbers, and nullroute 
just those 10Ds in the "wrong" destination switch, so that you don't tail-end
failover them, and then use *those*.  Half a dozen or more, and don't make
them look like test numbers.

-- jra

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