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Wed Apr 27 17:32:24 UTC 2011

> Can we get mobile devices added to this? Mobile consumes a large amount of address space and is especially well suited for ipv6-only operations.

I would rather make it a separate study. Integrating this with CPE might become messy and it would make the survey really long and complicated. Of course anything is possible. We encourage people to contribute on RIPE Labs with ideas and experiments. 

I think the first thing to do is to start a thread either here or on about what people would like to see from a survey on mobile devices. The CPE survey started of as a result of some work I did for my employer at the time. After a round of vendor selecting I was sitting on a pile of data and decided to publish it. Now I know my way around mobile a bit, but I am not an expert. So guidance on what is relevant and what not or help from somebody who knows more about mobile is more than welcome should we decide to push this forward.

> Unfortunately, the results would be painfully narrow.  Now that Nokia no longer supports ipv6, there is no going forward ipv6 support on any mobile device (htc did something special for thunderbolt, it's not an android 3g feature )
> It's a very sad state of affairs.

From what I know and seen so far this is indeed the sad situation we are in. At this stage I don't think publishing a survey towards end users would make the difference. But I am more than happy to find myself wrong on this one :)



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