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Wed Apr 27 16:28:41 UTC 2011

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> From: "Tom Pipes" <tom.pipes at>

> Does anyone know who I could contact at Verizon Wireless
> regarding mis-routing one of my NXX blocks?

Amazingly, customer service might be useful.  I once called Sprint/Nextel
to tell them that my Nextel phone couldn't call the broadcast call-in number
for NPR's Talk of the Nation... and it was fixed in about 2 days.

That was an 800 number, but I suspect the same principle applies.

Have 4 or 5 employees who have VZW service call and report an inability to
reach multiple specific -- and different -- numbers in your block, assuming
you don't turn up anyone in their Translations group here.  You might try
the Outages list too; it's membership isn't, I don't think, a strict subset
of NANOG's.

-- jra

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