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Tue Apr 26 16:11:11 UTC 2011

On 4/25/11 11:28 PM, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
>> But if these two groups want people to take IPv6 seriously (you know,
>> before the ceiling comes down on our heads), maybe they should take it
>> seriously.
> Having run a volunteer service before, I can tell you there are a lot of
> people complaining about the free service. I would imagine the only
> alternative to doing what they do now is to either get more money and
> resources (sponsorship or paying customers) or to shut the service down.
> What is a preferrable service, a "not great" service, or no service at
> all? I know I wouldn't have the energy to handle all the abuse I see
> them getting, I would just tell people to go away and go home and watch
> tv. I'm happy they have the energy to do what they're doing.
> That's why I asked for SLA level services I can point people to who
> complain. I'd imagine most of them wouldn't want to pay anyway, but I
> hope it'll make them think about complaining too much about a free service.

I've run a volunteer/free hosting service since 1997 or so - it never 
ceases to amaze me how people will complain about free things, but when 
you ask them to pony up a little monthly support its like you killed 
their puppy.  I just term people who are more of a hassle then they are 

I confirmed that HE will offer paid tunnel services, however I think I 
have a good idea of why Andrew was having crazy ping times to some of 
the tunnel servers.

Literally anything I do from my home DSL through qwest that goes through 
Seattle sometimes doubles or triples the latency as soon as I enter the 
GBLX network.

If I go through my T1, which ends up taking routes through TWTelecom, 
latency is in the low 20ms-40ms.

I have a feeling that there's severe capacity issues on certain networks 
(may it be specifically between qwest and gblx, or just gblx in 
general), and unfortunately the lack of ISPs taking native IPv6 
seriously puts our dependencies on ipv4 networks that are being held 
together with duct tape and twine.

Brielle Bruns
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