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On 4/25/11, Nathanael Cariaga <nccariaga at stluke.com.ph> wrote:
> Have you tried otrs?
> On Apr 25, 2011, at 6:47 PM, "Payam Poursaied" <me at payam124.com> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> May I have your recommendation  regarding any outage management software
>> and NOC log book(preferably open source) .
>> I want to get fresh ideas about available software in this area.
>> The below scenario may explain what I am looking for:
>> One of the sites gets down, monitoring team would log it. Technical staffs
>> follow it, they find there is something wrong
>> in the site. Someone gets to the site and find there is a power failure.
>> Make it correct. Monitoring team again see that
>> site UP and update their log book put the recovery time and the reason
>> (i.e. power failure)
>> One of the simplest report from this system would be downtime per site/per
>> reason.
>> The ability to record group outage - manually or automatically based on
>> network topology - (i.e. failure of a core
>> router in a city which would be caused several sites failure) would be
>> also useful.
>> Best Regards
>> Payam Poursaied

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