RES: Anyone still maintaining

Dave Temkin dave at
Sat Apr 23 22:22:16 UTC 2011

On 4/23/11 6:06 PM, Rubens Kuhl wrote:
>>> You can try the SCW IRR [1].
>>> It's free, but is in Portuguese.
>>> Reference:
>>> [1]
>>> --
>>> Eduardo Schoedler
>> Sounds like that doesn't help the OP, who wanted help with RPSL, not
>> *really* help from AltDB.
> Actually it does, because of a wizard ( to
> generate IRR objects based on currently announced routes.
> Rubens
Not overly helpful without a native English translation.  Sure, I could pass it through Google Translate and 
get a great result like: "Through it just tell the ASN and its authenticity (an email will be sent to 
registered contacts in the RIR and / or NIR), in minutes, without any human interference and without any 
technical complication" and have all the forms be useless (they end up redirecting to themselves)

And as douchey as this is going to sound: If you can't be bothered to take 15 minutes to learn RPSL (it's 
really that easy) I'm afraid for the future of our routing table.


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